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Our modern monument to a Mexican classic


Good beer just got better

with Montoya's Michelada


The wait is finally over! After a decade of refinement, we’re excited to finally share our authentic, handcrafted michelada mix recipe with the beer drinkers of the world. Choose from a single bottle, 4-pack, or 12-pack of Montoya’s Micheladas!


Montoya’s Micheladas is the result of over 10 years of tinkering and experimenting to create a signature blend of ingredients traditionally found in a michelada. Micheladas themselves have an interesting history, and we’re proud to have crafted a recipe that pays homage to that history.

And now, we’re excited to share that recipe with you! Available in various quantities, you can now make the perfect michelada wherever you go! All you need is a beer and Montoya’s Micheladas. Try a little or try a lot to find the perfect michelada taste for you. Montoya’s Micheladas are for those who want to spice up their life, as well as their beer. Don’t just try something new, try Montoya’s Micheladas.


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  and make good beer...better.

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Montoya’s Micheladas, and plain old micheladas, have a rich history. Learn more about how micheladas came to be, and how they inspired Montoya’s Micheladas to bottle such a spicy and traditional concoction.

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Spice up your beer, and your life

The michelada, one of the classic cerveza preparadas in Mexican culture, is an icon. We’re proud to honor the history of the michelada, and the legacy of our Mexican heritage. We invite you to enjoy the fruits of our labor, and be sure to share it with others!
Just as a beer is a beverage meant to be enjoyed among friends, the michelada is no different. Spice up you and your friends’ beers with Montoya’s Micheladas.

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