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Born in LA, inspired by Mexican Tradition

The result of over 10 years of experimentation,

Montoya’s Micheladas builds on the traditional elements of the michelada while perfecting a flavor experience to spice up your beer. From a classic Mexican cerveza to a smooth American lager, the natural ingredients of Montoya’s Micheladas are the perfect complement.

filtered water
lime juice
tomato paste
white vinegar
sea salt
natural flavors
citric acid
chili lime seasoning
cayenne pepper
smoked sweet paprica
black pepper
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The michelada has been around for over a century. Though its true origins are debated, the michelada has become an icon of Mexican culture. And while a hallmark of the michelada is the variety that comes with different flavor experiments, we believe that Montoya’s Micheladas captures the traditional essence of everything a Michelada should be.

Honoring the Michelada Myth

Rumored to have been inspired by El General, Don Augusto Michel, the michelada supposedly dates back to 1910 during the Mexican Revolution. To this day, the michelada is regarded as a Mexican icon but has inspired flavorful variations from native ingredients across the globe.

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Perfected over the course of more than 10 years, Montoya’s Micheladas finally offers a signature take on a Mexican classic that can be enjoyed by beer drinkers worldwide.